Harvard graduate, Professor at Smith College, YMCA divisional director, Civil rights activist, Secretary of the NAACP, Internationally acclaimed lecturer.
Author, Poet, Chaplain, and Sociology teacher at the International College in
Smyrna 1912-1922.

"In August 1912, we sailed for Turkey, where Mrs. Harlow and I were assigned to the International College of Smyrna.

We are a part of a wider movement which
includes hospitals, dispensaries,
secondary and graded schools."

Author of the famous Hymn   "O Young & Fearless Prophet"

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Biographical Notes

S. Ralph Harlow,
1885- 1972

Adventures of Alexander Maclachlan

S. Ralph Harlow Papers

Amistad Research Center


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1919 Student Witnesses for Christ  Read Here

1922 Through Foreign Window Panes 

1941 Honest Answers to Honest Questions

1942 Prayers for Times Like These

1943 Turkey Faces West

1950 You Will Survive After Death

1957 Thoughts for Times Like These

Also see American Research Institue in Turkey ARIT Library


Letter from S. Ralph Harlow to Governor Miller in Birmingham Alabama. 1933 March 24. Read Here


It Might Have Happened in Alabama. This one act play is based on the Scottsboro Trial taking place on Good Friday, 1933.

It Might Have Happened in Alabama