The Prophetic Dream


We were in a very dry place, the Pastor Roberto and I.  Pastor Roberto is my Pastor from Costa Rica and he holds a strategic position in my spiritual life.

In this dream we were climbing a mountainous road in a bus. In fact we were driving an otherwise empty bus. The land was desolate. There was no life to speak of whatsoever –  not a blade of grass nor any color. We were on a task.

The bus represented the ministry and climbing up represented moving higher in the spirit.

We were taking instructions to distribute seeds everywhere… randomly the seeds were actually flying off  from the top of the bus. I remember thinking there were tons of seeds. We knew the seeds were coming from Jesus and that they were His.

Our instructions were clear, we were to “Continue until the seeds run out.”

We were climbing this parched land on a dirt road following instructions.

By the time the seeds ran out we hadn’t reached the top of the mountain but we were very far up. We got out of the bus and started looking around.

There were huge trees up-rooted all around. It certainly appeared like most had been that way for some time since they were decomposed and falling apart. There was no life what so ever anywhere to be seen. Nothing green. No color at all. We were high on a mountain of total desolation.

The distant mountains were barren as well. I started taking surreal photographs for my “Smyrna Tree” blog of a fallen tree on the side of the road. Its roots were exposed and rotted.  As I was trying to get the perfect picture, I noticed there was a young man coming from the top of the mountain. He was very well dressed in a suit and wore a big smile. He walked with a bounce of joy.

The pastor and I stopped and waited to see what was going to happen next.

Who on earth could this be? The young man walked right up to us. It was as though he knew who we were. To our amazement he said,  “I have a word from the Lord for you.” That was like the farthest thing from my mind. It came as a shock.  You can imagine our excitement and curiosity. My thought was,

   ”How does he even know we are Christians?”

With our eyes wide opened, our ears perked to hear the word.

 “Nothing is impossible with God” he said.

I am telling you a dream I had but I have to admit, it was not an ordinary dream.

Can you imagine the joy? This was the word spoken to us from the LORD? To think this dry and thirsty land was going to bloom again one day?  To think we walk by faith in an awesome Savior and not by the sight of the dying day.

And at that moment we started praising the living God lifting our heart and hands in worship and adoration singing, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”